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Exams and X-rays

Dr. Chang strongly believes that regular dental exams are the foundation for maintaining excellent oral health, because it allows for us, as your dental team, to evaluate your existing dental condition and to diagnose any new problems or disease that may arise. Included in each exam appointment is:

Dental x-rays are a routine part of our dental exams, and are generally recommended to be taken once a year. Dental x-rays help us see areas that we cannot see as clearly inside the mouth, such as areas between the teeth and the roots of the teeth. Dental x-rays are recommended for all patients with teeth, including children (at an age when they can tolerate an x-ray in their mouths), pregnant women (studies show that the radiation levels of dental x-rays is not harmful for the baby or mother while she is pregnant), and elderly patients. Without dental x-rays, it is impossible for our team to fully assess and diagnose any problems with your teeth, and therefore difficult to provide the best care possible for you as our patient.

Depending on your existing oral health, Dr. Chang may recommend exams every 3-to-12 months, with the typical interval between exams being 6 months.