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Dental bleaching, or tooth whitening, has become a very popular and effective practice for people who are concerned about staining of their teeth.

Dental bleaching is readily available to anyone who is interested. A good starting point for most patients is the over-the-counter bleach strips that can be found at most grocery stores or drug stores. The level of bleach material in these products is lower than what we can provide in our office, but is a good first step in seeing whether bleaching is effective for you.

In our office, we can make a custom tray that are shaped just to fit your teeth. With these trays, a high-concentration of bleach material can be used to more effectively whiten your teeth. Depending on the concentration of the bleach material, these trays can be worn anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours a day.

Common side effects from bleaching include sensitive teeth and sensitive gums. If you experience any sensitivity, it is recommended that you discontinue use of dental bleaching for a few days or a week, and continue back on a regimen that either includes a lower concentration of bleach material or less time per day bleaching.

It is important to remember that bleaching is a cosmetic dental treatment, and Dr. Chang will first recommend finding and treating any active cavities, gum disease, or tooth-related problems before pursuing tooth whitening.